How To Straighten Natural Black Hair Without Chemicals

The chemicals can temporarily straighten curly or Afro hair, but they can cause alteration of hair texture and itching of the scalp, resulting in hair loss.

Products that are not branded and are not FDA approved should be avoided because they do not have any proof that they will not harm  your ‌hair.

In order to avoid these problems, we discovered flat irons were the best option. They are basically equipped with high-end technology and offer a wide range of  modes and specifications. By using these modern tools, we can get our job done faster without taking risks with unproven or hazardous chemicals. They are far more effective to use than chemicals, despite the fact that they also have some disadvantages.

What are the flat irons

The flat iron is a tool that allows you to straighten curly, wavy, Afro, and numerous other types of hair. It also eliminates all hair frizz, leaving it smooth and straight. The keratin and silicone in the flat iron help to straighten and smooth hair without  causing damage. You can use it to straighten fine or coarse hair on the sides, bottoms, edges, behind the ears, and even on the top and bottom of your head. In fact, it has been used for many purposes including hair styling. There are two main types: ceramic and titanium. Nice shot!

A guide to choose a flat iron

The market of flat irons is crowded with many brands, but choosing the right one can be tricky and time-consuming. Because of the various variations, the different working ways, and the different technology inside the iron, there are many differences as you need to adjust to. So wisely and carefully Choose products that are best for your hair type. The flat iron category has many articles about various types of flat irons for different types of hair. 

Our article has discussed a few important things to consider when  looking for a flat iron.


You should pay attention to temperature as it is the first and most significant factor since it plays a very significant role in providing the required heat.

Choosing a flat iron with the right temperature for your hair type will result in a sleek, healthy look. Additionally, temperature settings are important, since more options mean greater flexibility, which makes it easier to set the exact temperature. What makes this factor so important? For example, if you choose high temp flat irons for thin hairs, they are sure to damage them since the temperature is more than sufficient.


The second point to consider is your budget, since all of us are not able to attend salons every week, because they are quite expensive when compared to your own flat iron, which only requires a one-time investment and electricity usage.

Therefore, if you choose not to spend so much money on chemical treatments, you will have a greater chance of getting a top quality flat iron at a lower cost. In order to stay on a budget, we recommend buying flat irons that are less than $50. If you compare it with a beauty salon or chemical treatment, which may require serious money, it is a less expensive option. By purchasing a budget friendly flat iron, you can maintain a great hairstyle, reduce your money spent on chemical usage, and save time while at the same time maintaining a great appearance.


Weight has a very strong relation with ease because if you have a less weight flat iron definitely you will not get tired easily and get your work done without much stress. On the other hand, if you choose a bulky flat iron it may drain your energy fast and you will get tired enough to not complete your task in one go. So weight is another most important factor that you need to consider if you are going to buy a flat iron for your hair.

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