Best Mini Flat Iron For African American Hair

If you don’t want to make regular trips to the salon and wish to save some money, mini flat iron is a great choice. These irons are portable, because they are small and affordable, and they can be taken anywhere, whether you travel or go on vacation.

In most cases, these mini ions are used to straighten short curly hair. It is best to do some research if you intend to buy one for African American hair, since Afro hairs are difficult to straighten and require more temperature to flatten. 

This guide will help you determine the best mini flat iron for African American hair, so you may save time and not waste it on research.

Let’s jump to the product part without wasting too much time.

4 Mini Flat Irons For African American Hair

  1. AmoVee Mini Flat Iron Smart Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener
  2. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Prima Ionic Straightener
  3. CROC Classic Silver Titanium Flat Iron, 1.5 Inch
  4. KIPOZI Pencil Flat Iron, Small Flat Iron for Short Hair and Pixie Cut, 0.3 Inch

AmoVee Mini Flat Iron Smart Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener

The Amovee Mini Flat Iron is the first flat iron that we recommend for easy bangs in African American hair. It provides professional results on the go. The floating plates enable you to create gorgeous looks with the styling iron to create super-sleek, straight hair, polished curls, and cascading waves. Its ceramic heating element ensures that the flat iron heats evenly all around, which means that there are no “hot spots”, where your hair might get burned or fried. With tourmaline, there are zero sticking or pulling, because it emits negative ions that eliminate frizz and smooth the hair. 

An optional heat-resistant glove comes with this mini flat iron. Ideal for the nape or face-framing section with bobs, bangs, short hair, or a pixie cut. A smart flat iron will be a great and perfect gift for your boyfriend or husband if he has trouble with wavy beards.

Its small size and light weight make it perfect for traveling and on the go. Because of its compact size, it can be easily stored. 

You can get salon-styled hair with this Mini Straightener, which has a fixed temperature of 410F. Also, the tail can be locked for storage and is secure enough when not in use. If you put it in your purse or bag, it will take up less space. (Source)

Quick Specs

  • Swivel cord with 360-degree flexibility
  • Product Dimensions: 7.87 x 1.1 x 1.4 inches
  • Black color
  • Fixed temperature, 410°F high heat
  • Features a tail lock for safety


  • This works well with short hair to make bangs
  • Contains a locking mechanism for keeping it shut
  • Travel-friendly due to its small size
  • Prices within reach of most people 


  • Taking a little longer to straighten a bunch of hair (due to the mini size)
  • There is no heat setting on the device; only an on/off button
  • This is not recommended for people with long or thick hair

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Prima Ionic Straightener

The BaBylissPRO brand is known for its high quality and salon-friendly products.

Make traveling smarter and lighter with the miniature version of the BaBylissPRO Prima 3000. With its Ion Multiplier Technology & aircraft-grade warp-resistant titanium plates, this straightener delivers incredibly efficient heat transfer that provides immediate smoothness, shine, and moisture.

The dual-purpose styling tool provides more beautiful straightening and curling results with shinier and smoother results. Furthermore, you can easily straighten your Afro hair with this mini flat iron. 

You will also receive a thermal styling glove and a travel pouch. Dual voltage design allows worldwide use, so you can bring it anywhere. 

Note:To handle this item, please wear thermal gloves as it has a metal body.

Quick Specs

  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 1 x 2.25 inches; 
  • Weight: 1.16 Pounds
  • Ion Multiplier Technology 
  • Hair Type:All
  • Material: Titanium


  • Fast heating and adjustable temperature
  • Straightening iron that can also be used as a curling iron
  • A locking feature for traveling


  • The tool does not indicate when it is hot
  • This is not a dual voltage device

KIPOZI Pencil Flat Iron, Small Flat Iron for Short Hair and Pixie Cut, 0.3 Inch

One of the thinnest pencil flat iron in the market; it has 0.3-inch titanium plates that allow for better styling at the ends and roots of short hair and beards.

As the titanium iron heats up rapidly, its plates will quickly get back to their ideal temperatures after each pass, so you won’t have to do the same section several times. 

Using this flat iron will eliminate frizz and retain hair moisture and its smaller plates will allow for more versatile styling.

Fast heat up and 5 heat settings allow you to adjust for any hair type or beard to find your perfect straightening temperature. Reaches up to 450F in just a few minutes.

Its versatile temperature capabilities make it one of the best flat irons out there. If your hair is fine and needs less heat, or if it is packed with curls, and you want a higher temperature, this hair straightener will help you in both situations. You can adjust the temperature digitally, with ease and comfort. It produces smooth, shiny hair, so you don’t have to worry about frizz.

A tangle-free and 360-degree swivel cord providing additional length and comfort. With a dual voltage system and digital display, this lightweight, non-slip frame is suitable for international use. This iron automatically shuts off after 60 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about the flat iron still being on after you leave your home (recommended to unplug every time). (Source)

Quick Specs

  • Plates are 0.3 inches in size
  • A dual voltage system
  • Reaches up to 450⁰F
  • There are titanium plates
  • With non-slip surface
  • Five different options for heating 


  • Perfect for small and great bangs
  • It is easy to control the temperature
  • The cord is long, making it easy to maneuver
  • A lightweight, super-compact device
  • There is no tangle on the cord, and it swivels
  • Immediately reaches its set temperature and remains there 


  • It takes too long if you have thick hair
  • Not much to report

Final Words

It isn’t difficult or incredibly expensive to touch up and add bangs to African American hair with mini flat irons, which are cheap to buy and are very convenient to carry at all times, due to their small size. The guide will definitely serve to assist you in discovering the best mini flat iron for black hair, however, make sure that you only use these irons for touch-ups since long, thick hair will be more difficult to straighten with mini  irons. Here’s a guide to picking a quality flat iron for African American hair. Many thanks for reading.

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