The Best Hot Tools Curling Irons

As a brand of Helen of Troy, Hot Tools makes unique hair care tools that aren’t just like traditional hair tools, their irons are made with materials you wouldn’t normally find in any other brand.

The uniqueness also exists in their curling irons, like their 24k gold curling iron, which is something no one else may have ever thought about.

Other than that, there are many different opinions on what styling tool works best. So, when it comes to curling irons, it might be tough to determine which one is the right fit for your hair type.

In this guide, we will be walking you through the 5 different hot tools curling irons. So, you might find the perfect iron for your hair type.

Here is the list of 5 best hot tools curling irons

  1. Top Rated :HOT TOOLS Professional 24K Gold Curling Iron/, 1 inch
  2. 1/2 inch :Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold Curling Iron/Wand, 1/2 inch
  3. 3/4 inch :HOT TOOLS Pro Artist Black Gold Curling Iron, 3/4 ” Barrel
  4. Extra long barrel :Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold Extra Long Curling Iron
  5. Signature series :HOT TOOLS Pro Signature Gold Curling Iron

Top Rated: HOT TOOLS Professional 24K Gold Curling Iron/, 1 inch

This 24k gold styling tool will add some sparkle to your style. Using the styling surface, heat is distributed evenly from end to end, ensuring every hair is perfectly curled.

Pulse Technology ensures that these irons get hot and stay hot. Whenever there is a momentary temperature shift, the “smart” tool senses it and restores the temperature immediately, ensuring a long-lasting hot iron.

By turning the rheostat dial, you can choose which heat setting you want to use (up to 430°F). This curling iron has multiple heat settings which means it works well on many types of hair and textures. This gold curling iron easily switches between on/off and an “on” indicator light lets you see which setting you’re in. The 8ft swivel cord offers complete freedom of movement, another stylistic convenience. 

This styler has a Soft Touch handle to make styling easier, and a Foldaway safety stand that helps protect countertops when in use, and makes storing it easier.

Its gold-plated barrel features a cool tip which you can also use to curl without much stress. The company provides a one-year warranty as an added value. 

Unlike most irons, this one does not have an automatic shutoff feature. Therefore, you will have to turn it off every time you use it. More importantly, it does not have a dual voltage feature, so you can’t take it on a trip.

Quick Info:

  • Product Dimensions: 15.3 x 2.3 x 5.5 inches
  • Weight: 3.2 Ounces
  • Different temp settings up to 430°F
  • 8ft swivel cord
  • Soft-Grip handle
  • Extra long cool tip
  • Ideal for most of the hair types

1/2 inch :Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold Curling Iron/Wand, 1/2 inch

Hot Tools’ half inch curling iron is the perfect option if you want a curling iron that can be used with Bangs and Pixie cuts.

It can also be used with long hair if you want tight curls, or even with short hair if you have a hard time curling it with thick barrel curling irons.

This curling iron comes with 10 variable heat settings and rheostat control. The Patented Pulse Technology helps this iron to Get Hot Stays Hot. From tight corkscrews, to large bouncy curls, to loose waves you can’t go wrong with HOT TOOLS. All you need to do is pick a preferred barrel size to avoid facing further issues.

I added this pencil iron for very short hair styles, and very small, tight curls. This iron has a non-slip and textured handle so you will have a comfortable grip which plays an important role while curling hairs. With its 8 feet swivel cord, this curling iron has the flexibility that makes styling so easy.

This iron features an extra-long cool tip, so you can have a more comfortable experience. As a bonus, the company adds two additional springs, so you will have a curling iron with a longer lifespan. Towards the end of the features, the company added 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty with this iron.

Here’s a look at its downside so you don’t end up choosing the wrong product after a lot of features. This thing doesn’t come with an auto shut off feature so you need to be very careful to shut it off manually after using it.

Furthermore, there is no clear explanation from the manufacturer about the dual voltage feature of this product, but I believe it does not have that because many verified purchasers have complained about it.

Important: Keep the heat low at first and increase as you need to to avoid damage.

Quick Info:

  • Product Dimensions: ‎15.3 x 2.3 x 5.5 inches
  • Weight: 8 Ounces
  • 10 heat settings
  • Pulse Technology
  • 8 feet swivel cord

3/4 inch :HOT TOOLS Pro Artist Black Gold Curling Iron, 3/4 ” Barrel

If you’re interested in something that gives slightly less tight curls than a half inch iron so this might be a worthwhile thing to check out.

The combination of 24K gold, titanium, and Micro-Shine finish helps your hair glide smoothly, preventing snagging and friction, reducing damage.

You’ll also be able to curl or wave your hair evenly from top to bottom with no hot or cold spots. For thick or heavy hair, the temperature can be increased up to 455 degrees, and this iron is durable and corrosion-resistant because of the titanium.

And if you have fine hair, you can lower the heating since there are a lot of heat settings available for plenty of hair types.

Are you in a hurry? With pulse technology, the temperature heats up quickly and stays constant, providing a hot temperature. So, no matter how long it takes to get the right style, you can relax knowing it will remain hot until you switch it off. The dual voltage feature in this 3/4 iron makes it convenient for travel.

Quick Info:

  • Dimensions of product: 2.5 x 15.6 x 5.6 inches
  • The weight is 1.39 pounds
  • You can adjust the temperature up to 455 degrees
  • Material: Titanium
  • Auto shut-off after 2 hours
  • A cool tip to rest your fingers while styling

Extra long barrel :Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold Extra Long Curling Iron

It is well known that curling irons with long barrels work best for long hair, since smaller barrels curl less hair at a time and take more time and effort to do all that, whereas curling irons with longer barrels have a larger diameter and curl more hair at the same time.

Hot tools also offer a curling iron that comes with an extra long barrel. 

With an extra-long barrel and the Cool Tip, you can easily style long lengths quickly and effectively. With the rotating feature the barrel gets the job done faster.

HOT Tools’ proprietary Pulse Technology ensures that the curling iron gets hot and stays hot for as long as you need it, even if the temperature drops for a moment the “smart” tool reacts immediately and restores its temperature.  

An On/Off switch allows for easy operation of the curling iron. An On/Off indicator light makes it easy to see what mode you’re in at a glance. In addition, there’s a foldaway safety stand that protects countertops when in use and makes storing it easy when not in use. 

It comes with an 8ft professional swivel cord, another styling convenience, and a FREE heat-resistant mat for additional help protecting the surfaces on your counter. A one-year warranty is included for added peace of mind.

It features a rotating cool tip to help you do your curls faster and reduce styling time; plus, it has a 2 inch longer barrel that’s designed to accommodate long hair; and it has many heat settings for optimal results on a range of hair types.

Quick Info:

  • Product Dimensions: 17.2 x 2.62 x 5.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.55 Pounds
  • Rotating cool tip
  • Adjustable temperature upto 430°F
  • Extra long barrel

Signature series :HOT TOOLS Pro Signature Gold Curling Iron

Now move on to the signature series iron by Hot Tools. If you are looking for a good pick in the signature series, this would be a good choice.

The tool enables you to make many different curling designs. Hot Tools Pro Signature salon gold curling iron’s long-lasting design allows you to enjoy your gorgeous locks for a longer period of time.

With Hot Tools curling irons, you get a precision curl every time because the irons are equipped with Pulse Technology that maintains a constant temperature.

With a high temperature reaching 430 degrees, this hair curler gives beautiful results for many hair types. Different hair types require different temperatures, so if you are uncertain, do some research. The soft-touch comfort grip provides you with greater styling control, an extra-long cool tip gives you space to rest your fingers during styling to help protect them from heat, and a 6′ tangle-free swivel cord makes movement effortless.

There are some drawbacks to the Hot Tools signature series. There is no automatic shut-off feature, so every time you use it, you need to be extremely careful and turn it off manually to avoid any heat issue.

Due to its 110 volts, it cannot be taken with you when you travel. Moreover, the hinge of this iron can cause problems, especially if you have long hair. Because it may get stuck, it is not advisable for those with long hair to use this iron.

It comes with a swivel cord that is convenient to have, but the cord is not very long, so consider that too. In the end, it depends totally on your needs. If you can work with it and think that the cons are no big deal for you, then it would be a good choice for you.

Tip: Start every iron you buy with a low setting to avoid heat damage, then increase it as necessary.

Quick Info:

  • Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 2.25 x 16.25 inches
  • Weight: 1.1 Pounds
  • Adjustable temperature up to 430 F
  • Pulse technology
  • Comfortable grip
  • Voltage: only 110V

Q&As Regarding Hot Tools Curling Irons

Hot tools curling iron: good or bad?

Hot tools curling irons are made with very different types of materials, and their effectiveness varies according to the individual requirements. Moreover, Hot Tools irons work great for professional as well as household users.

Where to buy hot tools curling iron?

Hot tools curling irons are widely available on many marketplaces like, Amazon, Walmart, Target and their official website too. In addition to that you can use our guide to get some ideas about your specific needs, as we have listed different hot tools curling irons for different needs.

Which Hot tools curling iron is the best?

It could vary from person to person, as there are many different hair types, and everyone has their own choice of style. But we have mentioned many different curling irons from hot tools which you can go through to find your best fit.

How much are hot tools curling irons?

Since there are numerous different hair types and everyone has their own style, it may vary from person to person. But we have mentioned many different curling irons from Hot Tools that you can compare so that you can choose the one that’s right for you.

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