Best Flat Iron With Auto Shut Off Feature

A flat iron offers you many useful features that make your life easier, so you can easily straighten your hair without having to suffer from more discomfort. The auto shut-off feature is one of those features. This feature is great for people who often forget to turn off their flat iron or curling iron.

We have gone through many flat irons and picked up the 5 best flat irons with an auto shut-off feature so that you won’t have to waste your time researching in the market as it takes lots of time.

Below are six best-rated flat irons with detailed reviews along with their pros and cons, so you can find most of the information in one place. Keeping your budget and needs in your mind, you can select your flat iron without too much difficulty.

5 Best Flat Irons With Auto Shut Off

  1. NITION Professional Salon Hair Straightener Tourmaline Ceramic Titanium
  2. Remington Wet 2 Straight Flat Iron with Ceramic + Titanium Plates
  3. Remington S5500 1″ Anti-Static Flat Iron with Floating Ceramic Plates
  4. KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener with Digital LCD Display
  5. KIPOZI Hair Straightener 1 Inch Titanium Plates Professional Flat Iron

NITION Professional Salon Hair Straightener Tourmaline Ceramic Titanium

This is something that is a good value for money, so ideal for buyers who cannot compromise on quality but don’t want to spend a great deal of money on luxury straighteners. Here is where NITION’s upgraded straightener iron comes in. It will deliver more benefits than a traditional straightener iron. With so many benefits, this product is not just a 2-IN-1 hair straightener & curler but also a healthy hair styling tool (5-IN-1 Heat Plate: Nano Silver, Argan Oil, Ceramic, Tourmaline, Titanium).

These elements will greatly benefit the hair, helping it lock in natural moisture, leaving your hair soft, shiny, silky, healthy, and beautiful. It has a simple one-step design with no buttons, giving it a minimalist and fashionable look. In addition, it avoids the typical problems associated with traditional flat irons like hitting the buttons when styling, which might ruin your mood.

With the included travel pouch bag, it can be a great companion while traveling. It has a universal/dual voltage range of 100V-240V, which makes it universally compatible, for worldwide usage. Now you can make your favorite hairstyle anywhere and anytime with this awesome hair tool for your date. 

Quick Specs

  • Product Dimensions : 11.42 x 1.38 x 1.38 inches
  • Weight; 9.17 Ounces
  • Dual voltage 100V-240V
  • 360° Swivel Salon Power Cord(9ft)
  • 6 Precise Temps Options


  • This product gives beautiful straightening and curl results
  • Glides through hair without much effort
  • The device remembers the last temperature set and heats up to it
  • It is easy to twist the base that turns on the iron and adjusts its heat setting
  • This iron can be locked into place for storage


  • A glove is essential since it gets way too hot to handle
  • Honestly, the plastic feels a little cheap
  • You cannot choose the exact temperature that you want

Remington Wet 2 Straight Flat Iron with Ceramic + Titanium Plates

Straightening your hair then blow-drying it can cause stress and overheating, resulting in damaged hair, so Remington combined both as one simple step that leaves the hair healthy and beautiful.

This advanced styling tool has multiple functions and can be used on wet or dry hair. Using the Remington Wet2Straight 1 3/4″ Flat Iron, you can straighten as well as dry your hair in one step. 

With this flat iron’s unique steam vents, you can dry and style your hair at the same time with 60%* less damage. There are 30 heat settings on the 420°F high heat setting, so you can choose the right temperature for your hair, whether it’s wet or dry. Heat damage can be prevented by the 1 3/4″ ceramic + titanium plates. You can enjoy peace of mind with the automatic shutoff feature after 60 minutes.

A green or amber light indicates when heat is best for straightening wet or dry hair. 

A pro tip from a verified buyer:  if you are having problems drying your thick hair, you can divide it into smaller sections and glide the straightener down with a bit of a slower speed.

Quick Specs

  • Temperature: 420°F
  • Weight: 1.15 Pounds
  • Indicator of wet/dry styling
  • 30 Different Heat Settings
  • Heat Up in 30 Seconds
  • The voltage is 120V
  • Limited Warranty of 2 Years


  • An excellent deal
  • There is no need for a blow dryer
  • Faster work with longer plates
  • A great cord swivel


  • With curly hair, it takes more time
  • The cord length is short
  • Burnt plastic smell

Remington S5500 1″ Anti-Static Flat Iron with Floating Ceramic Plates

The Remington S5500 ceramic flat iron is an excellent ceramic flat iron for the money. For an unbeatable price, it offers incredible features.

With Remington’s anti-static flat iron, negative particles are reduced by 50% during styling, leaving hair less static and flyaways. A smooth glide is provided by ceramic plates coated with titanium. The plates heat up quickly. An inch diameter plate provides a more consistent result and provides better control.

The digital touchscreen offers six temperature settings in the range of 310°F to 410°F, so you can find the ideal temperature for your hair type.

With its fast-acting straightening action and protection from excessive heat, this high-temperature straightener straightens your hair quickly with each pass. You can avoid potential fire hazards by enabling the automatic shut-off after 60 minutes. You’ll feel comfortable moving as the cord rotates 360°. By pressing the “+” button, the flat iron’s turbo boost feature will quickly reach its maximum temperature.

Quick Specs

  • Size: 1 inch
  • 6 Different Heat Settings
  • 30 Second Heat Up
  • 410°F High Heat
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Item Dimensions: 1.13 x 1 x 11.75 inches


  • Shutdown automatically when not in use
  • Digitally controlled
  • This is a cheaper option than others.
  • It is equipped with anti-static technology.
  • Closely spaced plates
  • The temperature rises quickly


  • Only a few temperature options are available
  • The digital screen is dark
  • It does not produce a sound when it is ready for use
  • It smells a little bad when you turn it on

KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener with Digital LCD Display

Luxurious, versatile, and technological, this tool is a true combination. With the KIPOZI hair straightener, the user will be able to straighten their hair in comfort. Using the adjustable temperature, you can obtain a consistent temperature between the two plates so that your results can be customized to suit your personal preferences. Additionally, the LCD display can be used to display settings.

Due to the precision melding of each plate, the hair flows through without snagging, resulting in snag-free styling. It can straighten hair as well as add volume and flips.

The floating titanium plates are 1.75 inches in diameter; they offer long-lasting, lustrous results. Traveling with this device is no problem since it has universal voltage.

In addition to its automatic shutdown every 60 minutes when not in use, it also features a temperature reduction feature, enabling you to rest easily.

Cables swivel for easy use and do not tangle. When plugged into a local outlet, it automatically adapts to the local current. 

Quick Specs

  • Worldwide voltage for auto use
  • The 8-foot swivel cord makes styling easy
  • Packing dimensions: 13.5×4.21×2.44 inches
  • The weight of this item is 1.61 pounds
  • Temps between 170°F and 450°F
  • Titanium plate material


  • Shutdown automatically
  • Different temperature settings
  • It heats up quickly
  • Easily readable LCD display
  • A wide plate (1.5 inches) speeds up the process 
  • It is lightweight


  • A side-mounted button controls the straightener’s heating
  • Cooling down takes time (not much)
  • It gets quite hot on the outer surface of the straighter

KIPOZI Hair Straightener 1 Inch Titanium Plates Professional Flat Iron

With the KIPOZI titanium flat iron, you will get optimal results with 80% less breakage and better color protection thanks to the ceramic PTC heater. Negative ions work to moisturize the hair to transform frizzy and dull hair into great-looking shiny and sleek hair with amazing shine.

450 degrees Fahrenheit gets hair straight in no time. The temperature heat settings are easy to understand, so you can choose the best one for the thickness and texture of your hair. The adjustable temperature suits all hair types, including fragile, damaged, and healthy hair. Find the right heat setting for your hair and you will have perfectly smooth and healthy hair, so don’t be embarrassed if you are the center of attention.

This iron is crafted from two titanium plates to deliver heat quickly and evenly. It reaches temperatures up to 450°F, and features shine-enhancing technology. While adding softness, the titanium plates glide through your hair easily. This 3D floating plate never pulls your hair and its 1 inch plate width is wide enough to fit any hair length, as well as being narrow enough for bangs.

In case of inactivity for more than 90 minutes, there is an auto off safety feature. In 15 seconds, heat up to 380°F at constant temperature, saving time when designing hairstyles and preventing damage.

Travelers will appreciate that it comes with a dual voltage system, so they can take it anywhere. The dual voltage is 100 – 240V, and the cord has a 360-degree swivel (8 feet). Additionally, it has a built-in LCD display, a safety lock design, and a velvet pouch for travel.

Quick Specs

  • Plate Size 1 inch
  • Item Dimensions 11 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Visual screen
  • 60 min auto shut off
  • Weight 1.5 Pounds


  • Heats up super quick
  • push and hold the power button avoid accidental turn off/on
  • Amazing feature in affordable price
  • Long cord for more ease
  • Great temperature indicator 


  • Button placement issue for many users
  • has a bit of a burnt plastic smell when in use

A guide to choose a flat iron

The market of flat irons is crowded with many brands, but choosing the right one can be tricky and time-consuming. Because of the various variations, the different working ways, and the different technology inside the iron, there are many differences as you need to adjust to. So wisely and carefully Choose products that are best for your hair type. Our flat iron category has many articles about various types of flat irons for different types of hair. 

Our article has discussed a few important things to consider when  looking for a flat iron.


You should pay attention to temperature as it is the first and most significant factor since it plays a very significant role in providing the required heat.

Choosing a flat iron with the right temperature for your hair type will result in a sleek, healthy look. Additionally, temperature settings are important, since more options mean greater flexibility, which makes it easier to set the exact temperature. What makes this factor so important? For example, if you choose high temp flat irons for thin hairs, they are sure to damage them since the temperature is more than sufficient.


The second point to consider is your budget, since all of us are not able to attend salons every week because they are quite expensive when compared to your own flat iron, which only requires a one-time investment and electricity usage.

Therefore, if you choose not to spend so much money on chemical treatments, you will have a greater chance of getting a top-quality flat iron at a lower cost. In order to stay on a budget, we recommend buying flat irons that are less than $50. If you compare it with a beauty salon or chemical treatment, which may require serious money, it is a less expensive option. By purchasing a budget-friendly flat iron, you can maintain a great hairstyle, reduce your money spent on chemical usage, and save time while at the same time maintaining a great appearance.


Weight has a very strong relation with ease because if you have a less weight flat iron definitely you will not get tired easily and get your work done without much stress. On the other hand, if you choose a bulky flat iron it may drain your energy fast and you will get tired enough to not complete your task in one go. So weight is another most important factor that you need to consider if you are going to buy a flat iron for your hair.

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