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Are Ninja Blenders Dual Voltage?

Are Ninja Blenders Dual Voltage?

If you are wondering whether the ninja blender models can support dual voltage or not and can be used outside of the USA then here in this guide I have discussed all the necessary things that you may want to know about the voltage requirement for the ninja blenders so you can use them without any problems. So, without wasting any further time let's take a look at it.
If you are in a hurry or just want a quick answer then here it is.

Short Answer: No, ninja blenders do not support dual voltage, and the voltage required to operate the ninja blenders is 110-120 volts in the USA (if you operate it at a higher voltage then it can damage the motor or it may cause the motor base to burn) and if you live in a place where there are 220-240 volts then you can use a step-down transformer for it. If you live in the UK and want to purchase a blender then UK amazon offers 220-240 volts supported ninja blenders and if you have any other issues then you can directly contact ninja support.

Is Dual Voltage Supported By Ninja Blenders?

No, it is clearly written on the ninja official site that to operate the ninja blenders in the US you will need to provide it with 110 or 120 volts as higher voltages can easily damage the motor power base. So wherever you are getting a blender be sure to check the voltage of your area you can also ask ninja support to confirm what is the voltage requirement of your blender or you can also check it in the product description given by the manufacturer.

Does Ninja Blender Work In Europe?

In the USA the electricity used is 110-120 volts while in Europe it is 220-240 volts so your blender must support 220 or 240 volts otherwise it will harm the blender model. But if you want to buy a ninja blender you are living in Europe then I would recommend you to take a look at the amazon store there you would find blenders that are compatible with 220-240 volts.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Is Ninja Foodi Dual Voltage?

No, the ninja foodi does not support dual voltage.

Does Ninja Blender Work With 220 Volts?

As I have said earlier the required voltage for the ninja blender to operate in the US is 110-120 volts but if you live in the UK then there are blenders available on from there you can get 220-240 volt supported ninja blenders.

Can I Use My American Blender In Europe?

You should not use an American blender in Europe as in the USA the blenders are designed to run at 110-120 volts whereas in Europe they run on 220-240 volts of electricity so if the blender is used on the higher voltage it can cause the motor to burn or other serious damages.

Can I use my NutriBullet in Europe?

If the Nutribullet can support 220-240 volts then you can safely use it.

What Voltage Is Ninja Blender?

The Ninja models sold in the US require 110-120 volts whereas the models sold in other countries depend upon the voltage provided by them as in Europe the ninja models require 220-240 volts.

What Happens If I Plug 120v Into 240v?

If this happens then the appliance you plugged in will either get seriously damaged, will explode, or may get burned.


From this guide, I hope that I was able to answer your questions and if you are still not able to find the voltage requirement of your blender then I suggest you take a look at the user manual which is provided with it or check the product description online but if you still can't find it then directly ask the seller or contact ninja support center. If this article was helpful to you then kindly share it with other people and have a great day.